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Compete With Yourself: The Four Houses

SRI School Facility


The house system of the school is maintained to develop students’ competence. By organizing inter house activities our students get an opportunity to showcase their talents and come to know about their own position and the position of their house among other students/ houses. Our teachers constantly encourage the students to 'Compete with yourself' so that they develop and improve their own talent/ skills without having any grudge against competitors in order to become champion.

Gandhi House

Motto "Trust Alone Triumphs"

This house is named after the father of our nation whose name Mahatma implies 'Great Soul' Mahatma Gandhi believed in 'Satyagraha'. Taking the cue of Mahatma Gandhi the motto of this house is 'Truth Alone Triumphs'.This house is represented by the colour Yellow

Mother Teresa House

Motto "Do not wait for the leader. Do it alone, person to person"

This house is named after the great soul Mother Teresa . Clad in a white, blue-bordered sari , she along with her sisters of the missionaries of charity became a symbol of love, care and compassion for the world . So it is only appropriate that this house has the motto 'Do not wait for the leader . Do it alone , person to person .' This house is represented by the colour Green .

APJ Abdul Kalam House

Motto "Now or Never"

This house is named after 11th president of India, who was popular for his integrity and simple lifestyle. His contribution of scientific research and modernization of defence technology was commendable. He had always strong desire to learn. This house motivates to have strong will power with the motto "Now and Never".This house is represented by the colour Red.

Vivekananda House

Vivekananda believed that a country's future depends on its people, and his teachings focused on human development. He wanted "to set in motion a machinery which will bring noblest ideas to the doorstep of even the poorest and the meanest". And keeping this in mind the motto of this house is "Arise, Awake and Stop Not until the Goal is achieved"..This house is represented by the colour Orange.