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Smart Class Facility

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SRI School Facility

Smart Class Facility

Interactive Smart-Class is a revolutionary, teaching-learning system that comes from India's largest and most respected education company, 'Extra Mark'. With some 3000 progressive schools in the country that are already Smart-Class empowered , it is quickly acquiring the status of a movement for new age learning. We are proud to have joined this movement.

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With Smart-Class, our teachers will be able to complement their traditional methods of teaching on almost all school Subjects to well researched, mapped-to-curriculum digital lessons (animation , graphics , audio & video ) on an everyday basis during their teaching periods. We are confident that this would lead to a whole new learning experience for your wards. This ensures aroused interest levels, sharper understanding of abstract and difficult concepts and better academic performance.
Smart-Class would also boost our teachers productivity immensely and leave them with enough time for revision and quicker assessment of your ward's comprehension and progress on every subject.