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SRI School Library

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SRI School Library

SRI School always strives to improve the infrastructure and academic standards of the Organization. It is in the process to upgrade the existing library and shift it to the exclusive central library block. The facilities provided here will greatly help the faculty and students to gather information on current topics and the latest technological innovations. .

SRI School have an exclusively designed state-of-the-art Central Library that stocks over 25,000 reference books and subscribes to nationally and internationally reputed journals, course books, periodicals and an exclusive collection of industry reports, case studies and industry information database for study. SRI School has an exclusive Digital Library Section with sizeable number of classified textbooks and reference materials in CD format. For the convenience of the students, an Internet corner has been allocated with a Photo Copier, Scanner, and Laser and Inkjet Printers.

A separate study area has been allocated for the use of students and the Faculty. No effort is spared to equip the students with all the information they would need for their career growth. For the benefit of students, facilities such as audio-visual room, computer lab with internet facility, photocopying, colour scanners and laser printers are provided. The Library is kept open till late night for the benefit of the residential students which brings us among the top School in Chhattisgarh.